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Spiced Pulled Pork Sandwiches - West Bend

Spiced Pulled Pork Sandwiches

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Full Recipe Details


1 ½ lbs boneless pork roast 1 ½ cups water 3 tablespoons **Fortner’s Blend #37 for pork** 4 hard rolls 4 slices cheddar cheese (if desired) lettuce (if desired) sliced tomatoes (if desired) honey barbeque sauce (if desired) 4 teaspoons softened butter Salt and pepper to taste **This spice is sold at the Wisconsin State Fair and is a product made in Wisconsin.**

Cooking Process

Place the frozen roast in the crockery cooker. Add half the water. Sprinkle roast with half seasoning. Pour the remaining water and spices over the top of the roast. Set the crockery cooker to high and cook for 8 hours. Remove the pork from the crockery cooker and shred. After shredding, return pork to the cooking liquid in the crockery cooker to keep warm. Butter 4 hard rolls and place a slice of cheddar cheese on the bottom half of roll if desired. Pile ¼ of shredded pork on a hard roll. Top with lettuce, tomato and honey barbeque sauce. This pork sandwich is also delicious served without any of the extras.


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