Yes, you can make gingerbread in a slow cooker!


Makes 10 servings.


1 - 15 ounce package gingerbread mix.


Grease a 9 X 5 inch loaf pan with solid hydrogenated shortening. Dust with four and shake out excess. Set covered pot on base and preheat at Setting # 5 while preparing mix.

In a mixing bowl, prepare gingerbread mix following package directions. Pours batter into pan. Place pan in pot.

Cover and bake at Setting # 5 for 1 hours and 15 minutes. Do not remove cover during this time. To test for doneness at the end of recommended baking time, insert a metal cake tester in several places including center of ginger bread. If cake tester comes out clean, the gingerbread is done. if batter clings to cake tester, continue baking for 15 minute intervals. Remove gingerbread from pan. Serve warm or cooled with whipped cream or lemon sauce.

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