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Stir Crazy Popcorn Machine

SKU: 82505
Regular price $39.99

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  • STREAMING & SNACKING – Snack happy and healthy by making your own delicious treats at home in our easy to use popcorn machine.
  • KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING - When you pop your own fresh popcorn, instead of microwaving, you’ll know what you are getting and can feel good about sharing and serving it with family & friends.
  • The next generation of Stir Crazy poppers is here!
  • Pop up to 6 quarts of popcorn at one time - enough to treat the whole family!
  • Clear, vented cover can be used, with the butter cap, as a popcorn serving bowl.
  • Motorized stir rod ensures even popping result. Automatic reversal will prevent kernels from getting stuck.
  • Handles are heat-resistant for easy grasping.
  • 850 watts of popping power!


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