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42 Cup Polished Urn

SKU: CU0042PA23
Regular price $74.99

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The ideal solution for business, events or any occasion, this 42-cup urn makes brewing, serving and cleaning easy and effortless. The attractive highly polished aluminum finish makes an elegant statement on any serving table. Making coffee couldn’t be easier with the permanent brew basket so you don’t need paper filters, water level markings for accurate filling, twist-to-secure cover, and bright indicator light to signal serving readiness. Your guests will appreciate the one-cup-per-minute quick brewing efficiency, two-way dripless faucet for ease of serving, the automatic temperature control which keeps coffee hot for hours, and the heat-resistant base and trim. 17 inches high.

  • FAST SERVICE FOR ANY GROUP - Rapidly brews up to 42 cups at one cup per minute with automatic temperature control to keep coffee hot for hours
  • EASY SERVE- Two-way dripless faucet for simple coffee pouring
  • NO GUESSWORK - Twist to secure lid and water level markings for ease of operation
  • SAFE TO USE - Stay cool handles and base for safe operation
  • NO PAPER – Permanent brew basket so no paper filter is needed
  • KNOW WHEN IT’S READY - Bright indicator light lets you know when coffee is ready to be served
  • GREAT LOOKS - Elegant highly polished aluminum design is suitable for business, special events or virtually any occasion


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