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Toasters and Countertop Ovens

Toasters and Countertop Ovens

Countertop Ovens

The fan in my convection countertop oven goes on and off. Is this normal?

Yes. The fan in the convection countertop oven is designed to cycle on and off during use.

Can I use glass cookware in this oven?

We do not recommend using glass cookware in our countertop toaster ovens. Glass cookware is subject to breakage when it is in close proximity to a heating element, as it would be in our countertop oven.

Can I use aluminum foil or roasting bags in this oven?

Aluminum foil should not be used in a countertop oven. Do not cover food, rack, bake/drip pan, or any parts of the oven with aluminum foil, or use roasting bags, as overheating will occur. This can damage the oven and/or ruin the food.

What foods can I prepare in my countertop oven?

In addition to toast and frozen pizza, there are many items that can be prepared in the countertop oven. Almost anything that you would prepare in a regular oven can be prepared in a countertop oven, including casseroles and baked goods.



Why isn’t my bread toasted on both sides?

Many of our toasters have a bagel setting that will cause the toaster to only toast on one side. Check the toggle switch or button to make sure it switched to “toast” and not “bagel”. 
Many variables factor into making toast; moisture content and temperature of the bread, thickness, sugars and starches, and grains can all affect the browning of the bread when making toast. Wheat and whole grain breads tend to require longer toasting times.
You may notice variations in toast color from side to side. This is normal, especially when toasting one slice of bread.

Why doesn’t my toaster lever stay down?

The appliance must be plugged in for the lever to lock into place. If your model is a Quick Serve Toaster, the front tray needs to be in the open position. If the lever is still not staying down, please contact customer service for assistance.


Egg & Muffin Toasters

Why doesn’t my toaster lever stay down?

The toaster must be plugged in and the "Toast" or "Egg/Toast" function selected for the lever to lock in place.

Do you need to use more water when hard boiling more than one egg?

No, the more eggs that you are hard boiling the less water you should use. The more eggs that are cooking, less steam will escape the appliance allowing the eggs to cook completely with less water.
If poaching an egg, add 2 to 2 ½ tablespoons water to the reservoir. To boil eggs follow the chart below. Please note, some models will only allow boiling between 1 and 4 eggs.


Boiled Egg Soft Medium Hard
# of Eggs Tbsp. Water Tbsp. Water Tbsp. Water
1 3½ tablespoons 4½ tablespoons 7 tablespoons
2 3¼ tablespoons 4¼ tablespoons 6¾ tablespoons
3 2¾ tablespoons 3¾ tablespoons 6¼ tablespoons
4 2½ tablespoons 3½ tablespoons 6 tablespoons
5 2½ tablespoons 3½ tablespoons 5 tablespoons
6 2¼ tablespoons 3¼ tablespoons 4¾ tablespoons
7 2 tablespoons 2¾ tablespoons 4¼ tablespoons
8 1¾ tablespoons 2½ tablespoons 4 tablespoons


Why is my egg sticking to the poaching tray?

The poaching tray has a non-stick surface; however, to ensure that the egg does not stick to the pan, we suggest greasing the pan with butter or a small amount of oil. Using baking sprays can damage the non-stick surface.

Why isn't my egg done at the same time as my toast?

The toast begins cooking at the same time as the egg. It takes less time to toast the bread, so the toast stays in the slots with no heat while the egg finishes cooking. This keeps the toast from cooling off before the egg is done. When the egg is cooked, the toast will pop up.

There are white deposits in the egg cooker. What causes this and how can it be cleaned?

The white residue is mineral deposits caused by hard water. To remove these deposits, add 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar and 1/2 cup of water to the heating tray. With the lid in place, select the "Egg" function and allow the solution to boil for approximately 10 minutes. Turn off the appliance, allow to cool completely, empty the heating tray and wipe thoroughly with a clean, damp cloth.

Is there a way to remove crumbs?

Yes. On the bottom of the toaster, there is a crumb tray that slides out for cleaning.


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