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Fondue Pots

Fondue Pots

What is the capacity of my Fondue Pot?

Our current Fondue Pot has a 3 quart capacity. The capacity is a liquid measure which is measured to the point of overflow. The actual cooking capacity is about .5 quart less than stated.

Is my Fondue Pot Dishwasher Safe?

The Fondue Pot and accessories can be washed in the dishwasher with the heat control removed. The underside of the fondue pot and the ring will darken.

Can I immerse my Fondue pot in water?

Yes, you can immerse the fondue pot with the heat control removed in water for cleaning along with any accessories.

How do I remove mineral deposits?

Soak a soft cloth in lemon juice or vinegar and rub on the finish. After cleaning wash, rinse, and dry – recondition the non stick surface with oil before using.

What kind of oil can I use?

Any type of Vegetable oil can be used. Do not use lard, shortening, butter, margarine or Olive oil as these are not suitable for high temperature cooking.

How much oil should I use?

Use only enough oil to fill the Fondue pot 1/3 full.

What are the temperature Settings on the heat control?

Warm - to keep cooked or heated foods warm for serving.
Simmer to 250° F - to prepare sauces or dips, or gently heat leftovers.
250°F- to bring liquids to a boil, heat canned convenience foods, cook vegetables.
325° to 350°F - to brown meat or saute vegetables.
375°F - heating oil for meat fondue.


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