Fondue Bourguignonne

Fondue Bourguignonne


½ pound beef tenderloin or sirloin steak per person

3½ cups vegetable oil


Trim all fat from beef and cut into 1-inch cubes. Each pound of meat yields about 30 cubes.

Let meat stand at room temperature 30 minutes before serving. Blot completely dry with paper toweling. Place cubes onto lettuce or parsley lined platter if desired.

Pour oil into Fondue Pot and place pot on counter or table where it will be used. Place fork ring securely on pot, if included.

Heat oil at 375°F/191°C setting until signal light goes out, about 10 to 12 minutes.

For serving, spear one cube of beef onto each fondue fork and gently place into hot oil. Rest forks in fork ring slots if included, or on edge of pot while cooking. Do not use more than 8 fondue forks at one time. Cook until meat is brown and cooked to desired doneness, about 30 seconds for rare, 45 seconds for medium and 60 seconds for well done.

When cooked, remove forks by grasping handle, transfer to plate and remove meat. Serve with desired sauce. Repeat fondue procedure.

After meat is cooked, turn Fondue Pot OFF, unplug cord from electrical outlet and allow to cool before moving.

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