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Brown and White Rice Flour Gluten-Free Bread - West Bend

Brown and White Rice Flour Gluten-Free Bread

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Full Recipe Details


3 large eggs * 8 oz. lukewarm water, 90° F (1 cup+ 2 tbsp.) 4 tbsp. melted butter or canola oil (do not use margarine) 1 tsp. cider vinegar 1 cup white rice flour 1 cup brown rice flour ¾ cup potato starch flour ¼ cup tapioca flour ⅔ cup non-fat dry milk 3 tbsp. brown sugar 1 tbsp. zanthan gum 1 tbsp. poppy seed 1 ½ tsp. salt 1 tbsp. active dry yeast

Cooking Process

In mixing bowl thoroughly combine eggs, lukewarm water, melted butter or oil and cider vinegar with a wire whisk or fork. Pour mixture into bread pan. Measure and blend together all dry ingredients, except yeast, with a whisk or fork. Place into bread pan on top of liquid ingredients. Add yeast on top of dry ingredients. Lock pan into bread maker. Program for Gluten-free, Basic, Basic Rapid, or Basic Specialty bread setting, 1½ lb load size and Medium crust color. Press Start/Stop button to turn on. When mixing action begins, use a rubber scraper to assist in mixing for a few minutes. The machine will then mix the thick batter by itself. The mixture will not form into a ball of dough, but will be a thick batter that will take on a swirled appearance on surface after about 10 minutes of mixing. After mixing, the bread will go through the rise cycles and bake. When the bread is done, remove bread pan using oven mitts. Invert pan to remove loaf and cool completely on rack before slicing. This recipe makes about a 2 lb loaf of bread that will be about 5 inches high.


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