Beef Roast with Vegetables

Beef Roast with Vegetables

This is a great recipe for a quick family meal. Little prep time and makes great gravy for your meat and vegetables.


3–3½ lbs beef roast

salt and pepper to taste

1 large onion quartered or sliced

6 carrots – cut into 1-inch pieces


If desired, brown roast in skillet over medium heat of range unit before placing into ceramic cooking vessel. Season as desired.

Place vegetables around roast.

Place ceramic cooking vessel into heating base, cover and cook at desired heat setting for time given or until meat and vegetables are tender. (Meat thermometer should read 170°F for well done). Thicken juices with mixture of 2 tablespoons cornstarch and 2 tablespoons water if desired. Set control to “HI” and slowly stir mixture into juices until thickened. Set at “LO” for serving, if desired.

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