FB600CF - Fitness Blender

All available parts for this model number are listed on this page.

Please order the first two items below for a complete Travel Mug with Lid.

P-FB600CF - FB600CF - Fitness Blender

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Item # Name Price Qty
U49-182 24 oz. Travel Mug
U61-2 Lid for 24 Oz. Travel Mug, Black
U62-2 Lid for 48 Oz. Blending Jar, Black
U19-89 Lid Cap
U41-312 Stir Stick, Black
U51-182 48 oz. Blending Jar with Black Handle
U35-104 Dispensing Valve, Black
U22-72 Rubber Gasket for Blade Assembly
U57-38 Blade Assembly, Black. Does Not Include Rubber Gasket