13500 - 55 Cup Aluminum Urn

All available parts for this model number are listed on this page.

If your current coffee maker cover does not say "Twist to Secure" on it or the cover does not turn into the carrying handles, we no longer have those lids or handles available.

If you are ordering a basket, and your original basket (part # P119-45D) had holes in a triangular pattern you will now need to purchase parts P171-45 (basket)and new stem part P175-49D as your old stem (diameter will be too large) will not fit this basket. The P119-45D basket is no longer being manufactured.

For models made in 2007 or earlier, order the complete faucet assembly; individual faucet parts will not fit old faucet assemblies. For models made in 2008 or later, individual faucet parts can be ordered separately.

RP-13500 - 13500 - 55 Cup Aluminum Urn

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Item # Name Price Qty
P186-72 Sight Tube Gasket, Upper
KM11PS102 Pump/Stem
P106-104D 55 - 100 Cup Universal Faucet Handle Assembly
P187-72 Sight Tube Gasket, Lower
P4-24 Scraper, Cleaning Tool
P2-12 55 Cup Sight Tube
P156-89 Top Shield Cap
23500-12 Cover with Knob Assembly
KA36FT02201BK Faucet Assembly
KP32GA051 Faucet Gasket, Lower
P490-19 Knob
P1053-20D Handle Kit, set of 2, Black. Includes screws
P132-72 Faucet Gasket, Upper
KP13NT022 Faucet Nut
P169-45D Basket