Troubleshooting tips for model 6220:

Toast lever will not lock in place - Toaster must be plugged in and tray opened for toaster to start.
Food slides through toaster onto tray before toasting - Toast rack must be closed. Carefully place food into bread slot, do not drop in.
Toast rack is not closed - Allow a few seconds for toast rack to close automatically after toasting. LIft toast lever up slightly.
Food does not slide onto tray - Uneven or ragged edges can catch on toast rack. Trim off ragged edges before toasting.
Food is not toasted on both sides - Set bread/bagel switch to bread setting.
Crust side of bagel is too dark - Set bread/bagel select switch to bagel setting and place cut side of bagel to front of toaster.
Food does not brown unless put through the toaster several times.
Check the fat and sugar content of the food being toasted. Foods that are very low in fat and sugar will brown less than foods higher in fat and sugar content.