The bowls do not rotate by themselves when mixing foods. What should I do?

Be sure the turntable is positioned in the correct spot for the size bowl being used. Check the height of the beaters in the bowl by placing the large bowl onto the turntable and lowering the mixer head. The plastic button on the tip of the round shaped beater should just rest on the bottom of the bowl. If it does not you may need to make a slight adjustment to the adjustment screw which is located under the mixer head. With fingers, loosen locking nut. To lower mixer head turn screw clockwise, to raise mixer head turn screw counter clockwise. When properly adjusted retighten locking nut. This adjustment is only necessary for use with the beaters. It does not apply to the dough hooks.
The bowls will not turn by themselves when using the dough hooks until a ball of dough is formed. You will need to assist the bowls in turning.