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Why can't I fit 7 mason jars into my Canner?

Not all mason jars fit the same way into our canners. We have found that Golden Harvest jars have a wider body, which do not fit into our racks as well. Do not attempt to force them, this may cause the jars to break or cause harm to you. We suggest, if you have more than one brand of jar, to mix them in the rack to give you the most usable space.

Can my Back to Basics Canner be used on a smooth cook top stove?

Yes, your canner can be used on a smooth cook top stove; however our canners have limited contact points on the bottom. It will take longer for the water to boil than when using a gas or conventional electric stove.

What material is my Back to Basics Canner made of?

The Back to Basics Steam Canner is made of 18 gauge aluminum.
The Back to Basics Water Bath Canner is made of carbon steel with a food safe high temperature paint.

Steam Canner

When should I start timing with my Steam Canner?

Begin timing when a steady stream of steam is escaping from the holes near the base of the dome at a constant rate. The steam will escape horizontally for a few inches, and then rise vertically until it dissipates into the atmosphere. Steam should be visible for at least 8 inches. If canning at high altitudes, there will not be an 8" plume of steam when it's ready. This is due to the difference in atmospheric pressure. As long as there is a steady stream of steam with no breaks, you can begin timing.

How do I keep the water pan in my Steam Canner from boiling dry?

Each time you change bottles, check the water level in the water pan. If you place a penny or marble in the water pan, it will make a clinking noise as the water boils. When the clinking noise stops, you must add more water.

Why are there pin sized holes in the bottom of the water pan of my Steam Canner?

The holes can be caused by boiling the water pan dry or the minerals in your water eating away at the aluminum. It is important never to let the water pan boil dry, and make sure to clean and thoroughly dry your canner after every use. To remove stains and hard-water deposits from the canner’s water pan, add 2 to 3 capfuls of lemon juice or vinegar to 2 cups of water and boil for 2 to 3 minutes.

Water Bath Canner

What is the capacity of my Back to Basics Water Bath Canner?

The total liquid volume when full is 21 quarts.

Can I use my canner as a stock pot?

Yes, you can make foods and stews directly in this product. When finished, hand wash and dry your canner thoroughly.