Stovetop Popper: Burning Popcorn



    There are black burn marks on the bottom of my pan. Why?
    If the bottom of your pan is turning black, you are cooking the popcorn at too high a temperature. Reduce the heat of the stove if the popcorn begins to burn. Ensure that you are cooking at the proper heat settings. For electric stovetops, you should cook at medium-high, gas ranges at at medium, and glass top stoves at medium-low. To prevent burning inside the pan, be sure to stir constantly. Oil must be used with this popper for optimal results. If no oil is used, a few kernels will pop, but most will scorch and remain unpopped.

    How can I clean burnt popcorn from the bottom of my pan?
    To clean the bottom, we recommend using vinegar, a baking soda paste, or an industrial cleaner such as "Dip It," and allow that to soak before scrubbing.