Juice Not Flowing

    When I remove the tube clamp from my tube, the juice isn't flowing out. How can I make the juice come out? If juice is not flowing through tube after clamp is removed: Make sure the metal tip of the spout, inside the juice pan, is turned towards the bottom, and is lower than the level of the juice. Ensure that the end of the tube, the end not connected to pan, is below level of the water pan. The tube drains using gravity. If there is an air bubble in the tube, lift the tube up and down to move the air bubble back along tube to the pan. Use caution, as the juice in the tube is very hot and can burn you. Juice then should start flowing. The clamp will need to be open while lifting the tube, so use extreme caution when attempting this fix. Ensure that there is a jar underneath to catch any drips. Do not tip the pans for any reason.