How can I remove stains from the surface of my griddle?

A spotted white film may form on the non-stick surface. This is a build-up of minerals from foods or water and is not a defect in the surface.

To remove the stains, soak a soft cloth in lemon juice or white distilled vinegar and rub on the finish. Wash the surface thoroughly, rinse and dry. Recondition the surface with cooking oil

The staining may also be from improper cleaning or overheating. To remove stains use the following method: Combine 1 cup water and 1 tablespoon Dip-It coffee pot destainer OR automatic dishwasher detergent. USE ONLY ONE, DO NOT COMBINE THE TWO. Preheat the griddle to 225° F. Wearing rubber gloves dip sponge into water mixture and wipe over surface. Continue cleaning procedure until mixture is gone. Turn griddle off and allow to cool. Remove heat control and scour the non-stick surface with hot soapy water and a non-metal scouring pad. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Recondition the non-stick surface with cooking oil.