How do I clean my griddle?

After the griddle is completely cooled, wash the griddle in hot soapy water using a non-metal cleaning pad. A dishcloth or sponge may give a clean look but will not remove tiny food particles that can settle in the finish.

Clean the uncoated underside of the griddle with hot soapy water and soap-filled steel wool scouring pad.

After washing, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Your griddle can be washed in the dishwasher however the underside of the griddle will discolor due to the minerals in the water and the high heat of the drying cycle. This will not affect the cooking ability of the griddle. After cleaning in the dishwasher the non-stick surface should be reconditioned with cooking oil. To recondition the griddle wipe the surface of the griddle with two teaspoons of cooking oil using a paper towel or soft cloth. Let the cooking oil remain on the finish. DO NOT USE BUTTER OR SHORTENING.