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Peel Away Apple Peeler
Food Strainer and Sauce Maker

Peel Away Apple Peeler

Can I adjust the thickness of the peel?

Yes, loosen the thumb screw on top of the peeling blade, move the peeling blade forward for a deeper peel, or backward for a thinner peel. Tighten the thumb screw before peeling.

Why does my blade skip or is missing sections when I am peeling?

You may need to adjust the tension of the peeling arm, either tighten or loosen the tension with the small screw at the bottom of the peeling arm.

Can I peel without coring?

Yes, there is a thumb screw at the base of the coring/slicing blade that, when taken off, allows the coring/slicing blade to be removed.

Can I core without slicing?

No. The coring slicing blade will core and slice at the same time.

Can I core and slice without peeling?

Yes. On the base of the peeling arm there is a lever to lock the peeling arm away from the produce. You will then be able to core and slice without peeling.

Why does my Suction base Apple Peeler not suction to my counter?

The rubber base and the countertop must be clean and dry. The surface must be smooth and non porous; it does not work well on wood, tile, or granite. With the vacuum lever towards you, push down on the peeler as you flip the vacuum lever from right to left and it will suction to the counter.

What are the best types of produce to use with this product?

For best results use only fresh, firm produce. Soft produce will not work well.

Food Strainer and Sauce Maker

How much can my hopper hold?

The hopper can hold up to 3 quarts.

Is it normal for the handle to be hard to turn when the strainer is empty?

Yes, once you place food in the hopper and begin turning the handle it will turn easier. To avoid damaging your strainer, do not turn your handle when the strainer is empty.

Can I wash the Food Strainer in the dishwasher?

The Food Strainer and Sauce Maker and its parts should be hand washed only.

What other accessories are available for the Food Strainer and Sauce Maker?

We have three different screens and a grape spiral for our Model 220 Food Strainer.

  • Salsa Screen is the coarsest screen, used for processing salsas and other chunky recipes.
  • Berry Screen is the finest screen, used for removing small seeds from fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, blueberries ect.
  • Pumpkin Screen is a coarse screen used for processing pumpkins, squash and potatoes.
  • Grape Spiral is used to process grapes for jellies and juices. The shorter length helps prevent jamming of seeds and skins when processing grapes.

Will the parts for the 220 Food Strainer fit the 200 Food Strainer?

No, and we no longer have parts that will fit the 200 Food Strainer.