Short replacement cord

The cord that came with my product is shorter than my old cord. Why?

The shorter cords are now a requirement of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) on all electrical appliances used in the home. The Federal Government in “consumer interest” programs determined the longer cords caused a high percentage of accidents related to electrical appliances.

Under the new regulations, UL believes the appliance will have to be placed closer to an outlet and the consumer does not have a chance of becoming entangled with the cord. The shorter cords have been adapted as a standard for the industry.

If you need to use a longer cord set or an extension cord when using appliances, the cord MUST be arranged so it will not drape or hang over the edge of a countertop, tabletop or surface area where it can be pulled on by children or tripped over. To prevent electric shock, personal injury or fire, the electrical rating of the extension cord you use must be the same or more than the rated wattage of the appliance (rated wattage can be found on the bottom or back side of your product).