K7003 - 55 Cup Aluminum Urn

All available parts for this model number are listed on this page.

For models made in 2007 or earlier, order the complete faucet assembly; individual faucet parts will not fit old faucet assemblies. For models made in 2008 or later, individual faucet parts can be ordered separately.

RP-K7003 - K7003 - 55 Cup Aluminum Urn

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Item # Name Price Qty
P106-104D 55 - 100 Cup Universal Faucet Handle Assembly
P187-72 Sight Tube Gasket, Lower
P2-12 55 Cup Sight Tube
P156-89 Top Shield Cap
P4-24 Scraper, Cleaning Tool
P186-72 Sight Tube Gasket, Upper
P1053-20D Handle Kit, set of 2, Black. Includes screws
KA36FT02201BK Faucet Assembly
KP32GA051 Faucet Gasket, Lower
KM11PS091 Pump/Stem
P132-72 Faucet Gasket, Upper
P6-59 Brush
KP13NT022 Faucet Nut