13550 - Large Coffee Urn, 55 Cup

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For models made in 2007 or earlier, order the complete faucet assembly; individual faucet parts will not fit old faucet assemblies. For models made in 2008 or later, individual faucet parts can be ordered separately.

P-13550 - 13550 - Large Coffee Urn, 55 Cup

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Item # Name Price Qty
13550CV Cover with Knob
KM11PS091 Pump/Stem (Availability estimated week of October 10th)

Temporarily out of stock

K7003BK Basket (Availability estimated week of October 31st)

Temporarily out of stock

KP04KN120BK Cover Knob, does NOT include screw
P4-24 Scraper, Cleaning Tool
KA01SH30901 Handle Assembly, 1