Toasted Ranch Oyster Crackers and Pretzels

Refreshing change for snacking.

    ¾ cup popcorn oil
    1 tablespoons ranch dressing mix
    ¼ teaspoon dill weed
    1/8 teaspoon lemon pepper
    1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
    10 oz. oyster crackers
    6 cups pretzels, broken into pieces

  1. In a small dish, combine ranch dressing mix, dill weed, lemon pepper, and garlic powder. Set aside.
  2. Add oil to the Kettle Krazy™, turn selection knob to “nuts,” and let heat for 2 minutes. Turn selection knob to “OFF,” add oyster crackers or pretzel pieces to the appliance, cover, and turn selection knob to “nuts.” Cook crackers or pretzels for about 6 minutes.
  3. Turn selection knob to “OFF,” add the seasonings over the crackers, replace the cover, and turn selection knob to “nuts.” Let mix until the crackers are thoroughly coated. Once coated, turn appliance “OFF,” unplug from outlet, and remove crackers from appliance and let cool on a paper bag or some paper toweling. Allow to cool completely before consuming.