Boston Baked Beans

Who can resist this wonderful comfort food from the past? Sweet with just a bit of tang.

    4 cups dried navy beans
    12 cups water
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 large onion – chopped
    1/2 lbs salt pork – cut into 1-inch cubes
    1/3 cup molasses
    3/4 cup ketchup
    3/4 cup brown sugar
    1 tablespoons dry mustard

Cooking Time: LO = 15 to 18 hours
  1. Rinse and sort beans. Place beans, water, salt, onion and salt pork in ceramic cooking pot. Place pot into heating base, cover and cook at LO for 13 to 15 hours or overnight until beans are tender.
  2. Drain beans, reserving 2 cups liquid. Return beans to cooking pot. In bowl combine reserved bean liquid with remaining ingredients. Pour over beans and stir to blend. Cover and cook at LO for 2 to 3 hours to blend flavors.
    Makes about 3 quarts or 12 to 16 servings.