54100 - 100 Cup Next Generation Coffee Urn

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Please Note:When ordering a replacement a basket or stem for this coffeemaker, you will need to locate the four digit Date Code from the bottom of the cooker. If your Date Code is 1411 or higher, you will need to order the basket and stem together. These parts have been redesigned. You will need to replace both to ensure a proper fit. If your Date Code is 1410 or lower, ordering both parts is not required.

P-54100 - 54100 - 100 Cup Next Generation Coffee Urn

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Item # Name Price Qty
P11-500 Faucet Housing and Drip Tray

Temporarily out of stock

P181-49 Stem
P77-2 Cover with Handle
P12-500 Faucet Tool & Scraper
P187-45 Basket
P104-104 Faucet Assembly, does NOT include Nut
P14-20D Handle Kit, set of 2. Includes screws and washers.
P4-24 Scraper, Cleaning Tool