220 - Food Strainer

All available parts for this model number are listed on this page.
Please check the model number on your food strainer before ordering parts. The model number can be found on the body of the strainer, by the crank handle. The 220 parts will NOT fit the 200 strainer, they are not interchangeable.
Please ensure that you have the 220 strainer before ordering any parts.

P-220 - 220 - Food Strainer

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Item # Name Price Qty
220P20 Berry Screen for 220
220P23 Salsa Screen for 220
U10-26 Squirt Guard
U11-101 Spiral Auger
U12-20 Crank Handle
U12-69 Tomato & Apple Screen
U15-72 Rubber Pad
220P21 Pumpkin Screen for 220
U10-134 Spring
U10-7 Spout
U11-3 Hopper Base
U12-42 Retaining C-Clip
U12-89 Clamp Button Cap
U17-72 Seal Ring
220P22 Grape Spiral for 220
U10-19 Handle Knob
U10-72 Rubber Gasket
U11-312 Plunger, Red
U12-47 Nylon Bushing
U15-101 Shaft, Includes seal ring and C-Clip
U18-297 Hopper, Does not include hopper base